Mild Gourmet Salsa

Mild Gourmet Salsa

Mild Gourmet Salsa

For those with sensitive taste buds, this has all the flavor with a subtle kick.

Case of 6 Jars
Including Shipping & Handling

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Amazing Salsa

I used to make my own salsa, & I came across Mateo’s & now I do not have to dirty up my kitchen. Thank you foe making the best tasting salsa! ❤️

Alexandra Leano
Would not recommend

My experience so far has not been pleasant. Exactly like this email says I have placed an order 14 days ago and I have no received the entire order. It took 4 whole days to get customer service to reply. The box I did received looked like it had been opened and re tapped. I needed these expedited and they are not going to be not even with the “replacement” I am being sent. So for all I know it takes 30 days to received and order which is outrageous.

Kelley Armbruster

Mild Gourmet Salsa


We wanted to try a different brand to support them really disappointed, it was so watered down that it was like juice, calling it soup is too kind. Flavorless, . . That is all.

Daphine Springer
Pricing? Crazy!!

Living in a rural town in South Georgia, it’s a challenge to find your AMAZING salsa. According to your website, the salsa alone is completely out of price range! I can buy a 16oz locally for less than $5 a jar. I get it, and per your website, you are charging $50for 16 ounce bottles of salsa You’re not ready for all this.. nor am I how in the world do you expect somebody to pay more for your product on your website when they can get it cheaper elsewhere? It appears like you’re chasing a cat still in a dark room irregardless hands down the best salsa I’ve ever tasted.!!