Medium Gourmet Salsa

Medium Gourmet Salsa

Medium Gourmet Salsa

The original obsession inspirer with the right balance of spice and flavor.

Case of 6 Jars
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Perfect red salsa

Great spice, and good heat, but not too much. Great flavor, this is my favorite today. Pop a hole in the lid and it will immediately open!

Rod Powell
Hands Down. Best Salsa on the Market

Have tried 100's of different Salsa's. Wife and I travel and I always pick up the local Salsa to try it. Mateo's is still by far the best Salsa out there. And all you people out there that can't open the lid, good grief. Here's a tip, run the lid under hot water for a minute and it will open right up. I was taught that decades ago by my grandmother.

Nicole Mills
Can't open the jar!

Can't even open the jar to eat it! My husband has tried everything! Absolutely ridiculous bottle. Contents are great but what can you do if you cant even open it?

Jim Griffin
No onions

I have a real bad sensitivity to onions and this salsa is onion free. It is by far the best salsa I have ever had. Thank you Mateos for making this salsa. This will become a staple at my home.

Excellent salsa.

This is an excellent salsa. I love it.