Medium Gourmet Salsa

Medium Gourmet Salsa

Medium Gourmet Salsa

The original obsession inspirer with the right balance of spice and flavor.

Case of 6 Jars
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Andrew Lord
Excellent salsa.

This is an excellent salsa. I love it.

amazing spectacular and genius

This salsa is by far, the best salsa I have ever tasted in my 28 years of life. I was strolling through Costco one afternoon and there it was, sitting beautifully on the shelf. They claim to not be responsible for obsession, but that’s false news because they are 100% responsible for the beautiful obsession I know have, and I’m not mad. This salsa is made up of
No bullshit, no preservatives, no soggy and chunky peppers, just a delicious blend of whole ingredients. Thank you Mateo, my meals will never be the same without you.

Very unhappy with the packaging

I bought it with so much expectations
The bottle design is very poor can’t even get it open it. So can’t comment about the contents

Vampire Queen Jacqueline
Perfect for me

I absolutely adore this salsa, not only for the unique and wonderful flavor, but for the fact I can eat it without my onion allergy popping up unlike with every other salsa

Scott Hesington
Ridiculously GOOD!!!

This salsa is legitimately one of the best recipes I have tasted, jarred or not. I can only imagine how it tastes when it is freshly batched. After first finding it at Costco, I pretty much have it in my home at all times now. A bit pricey when buying it direct for some reason... but I can't stop!