Habanero Gourmet Salsa

Habanero Gourmet Salsa

Habanero Gourmet Salsa

Case of 6 Jars
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Customer Reviews

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Bryant Hall
Excellent salsa.

Awesome flavor, and just the right amount of heat. Delivered on time and intact.

Dan Loftis
My new go too Habanero Gourmet Salsa

Best salsa around hands down!!

not "extra hot" as advertised. very salty.

Not awful salsa on its own, but it is not "extra hot" by any means. more like a hot or medium-hot. I'm not sure why one serving of salsa needs 10% DV of salt in it, most salsa is far less than this and you can taste the saltiness in this product to the point it is kind of odd.

Christian Walker
the best

truly the best salsa i've ever had. i buy it literally every time i go to the store.

Matt Miracle
Great taste with a sneaky heat

I got this because I have friends that love hot stuff and I love the mild, medium and hot varieties but I never saw this on the grocery shelves. It did not disappoint. The Salsa taste just like the medium and then the habanero kicks in (sneaky little thing) with some heat that lasts for a little while. Nothing overpowering, but it sneaks up on you as you forget that this is an extreme hot salsa.

Will purchase again!!!