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Hot Gourmet Salsa

Hot Gourmet Salsa

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We took our classic recipe and dialed the heat up a notch.

Customer Reviews

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Wil M
Love this salsa!

Mateo’s Hot is my favorite and has a great flavor profile that goes great with chips to chicken. Another empty bottle.

Robert L ONeal
Love it

First time I’ve ever loved a salsa enough to buy in bulk because we go through it so fast. I get the hot and Cantina style which are harder to find in stores.

Stephanie M
Delicious Salsa

This salsa is not too hot but packs just enough heat to be fully addictive. The best salsa on the market! Everyone who I introduce Mateos to gets hooked.

Unique! Try Mateos Hot Salsa

Glad I tried Mateo’s Hot Salsa today.
The hot is not terribly hot but the flavors are next level, top shelf stuff. Living in southwest along Texas Mexico border many years means I’ve had lots of salsa sampling opportunities. Mateos is very good and stands above many other jarred brands.

Hot, it is NOT.

I bought the HOT variety, hoping to get some sort of spicy tingle on my tongue. I did NOT. Everything else is perfect - it tastes truly home-made and it is not watered down. But if you are looking for a spicy salsa, this isn't it. I'll try the Habenero Hot variety next time.