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Hot Gourmet Salsa

Hot Gourmet Salsa

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We took our classic recipe and dialed the heat up a notch.

Customer Reviews

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I just tried this for the first time and I love it so much I had an urge to leave it a good review. Great taste, great spice! Thank you Mateo!!

Fritz Lanphere
To sour

We purchased a jar of the salsa today while grocery shopping, I was looking forward to trying it simply because it said hot on the label. So we got it home and we crack it open with a bag of chips. My initial smell out of the jar was wow this smells really good, however, upon trying it on a chip my initial reaction was why does this taste so much like a lime? I even checked the bag of chips I bought to make sure I did not buy lime flavored tortilla chips. I shook the jar and tried it again with my son, and we both agreed it is way too citrusy. We checked the ingredients and sure enough one of the ingredients is concentrated lime juice. What to do? Turns out I had about a quarter jar left of a different salsa in the fridge. I mix the two together and Wala!!! it tastes absolutely delicious

Victor Restrepo
Ok, I’m obsessed.

Tried this when I couldn’t find the normal brand I buy. The label said “not responsible for obsession.” I though they must have some big habaneros! they’re right. This is a spectacular salsa. You can taste delicious tomato spices and the heat is a calming heat its definitely not overpowering. The kind of heat you can use to introduce someone who doesn’t like spicy food. This salsa is a masterpiece.

Ivy Lea
The absolute best

I came here just to write a review. I found this gem at Walmart awhile back and I get it every single week now. I am in LOVE with this hot sauce♥️ I can’t wait to try the rest of the products!

Husband’s first time ever!

My husband picked up this salsa on my request to buy a hot salsa that was all natural. He brought it home and I knew I’d love it just by looking at the jar. Well he opened it for me and said it smells so amazing my mouth is watering. Now keep in mind we’ve been married for 15 years and he has always told me he doesn’t know how I can eat and enjoy salsa. So this time for the first time when he smelled it, he opened the bag of tortilla chips and said I know I have to do this. He dipped the chip and filled it full of this amazing salsa and he almost did a back flip. He kept eating and eating and eating until my tacos were ready and I forced him to stop and eat the dinner I prepared. And when he stopped eating it, he began singing about it. Then he said I must tell his story how he tried salsa for the first time in his life and this salsa changed his life forever! Any by the way I, his wife, have eaten a lot of salsa in my 40 years and this is by far the best salsa I have ever had and I appreciate that it is all natural! Thank you Mateo’s!