Gourmet Hatch Chile Salsa

Gourmet Hatch Chile Salsa

Gourmet Hatch Chile Salsa

New Mexico’s famous pepper will be your newest obsession.

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Allen Zerkin
Great salsas

My wife and I are picky about salsa. We have sampled many commercially available salsas, and keep coming back to two - Mateossalsa’s Gourmet Hatch Chile Salsa is one of them - our favorite red salsa. Absolutely superb!

Richelle Barlow

I love the medium salsa, but decided to try this. I haven’t really been able to eat a lot of salsa due to onions being extremely nasty since getting COVID. But this has no onions and I can literally eat an entire bottle in one day. I wish they sold it in gallon size.

Gretchen Brown


Not good

Too much garlic which wipes out the hatch chili flavor. I like garlic, I was just hoping for the great hatch flavor to come through. Perhaps they cheaped out on the amount of hatch chilis they used? Too much garlic didn't help here anyway. Also, if a salsa is made well, you don't need to add sugar, which they did here as well. So, for both of those reasons, I won't touch this again.

Mary Reoh
Huge disappointment

I would definitely not buy this again. I didn't not like the texture not did I appreciate the huge amount of seeds the product contained. All in all, the general consensus of my friends was similar to mine. None of us would use this ever again. I think it should be "back to the lab with people who know what they are doing."