Mild Gourmet Salsa

Mild Gourmet Salsa

Mild Gourmet Salsa

For those with sensitive taste buds, this has all the flavor with a subtle kick.

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Pricing? Crazy!!

Living in a rural town in South Georgia, it’s a challenge to find your AMAZING salsa. According to your website, the salsa alone is completely out of price range! I can buy a 16oz locally for less than $5 a jar. I get it, and per your website, you are charging $50for 16 ounce bottles of salsa You’re not ready for all this.. nor am I how in the world do you expect somebody to pay more for your product on your website when they can get it cheaper elsewhere? It appears like you’re chasing a cat still in a dark room irregardless hands down the best salsa I’ve ever tasted.!!

Charles Vachris

1 was open when it arrived. We let you know, no response

William Kevin Black
Truly something else

I absolutely *love* salsa. I saw this at an Aldi and tried this on a whim, chuckling about the tagline "not responsible for obsession". But wow, it surpassed expectations! It was such a wonderful, impactful taste, strong enough to have a kick and mild enough to not be overwhelming. Absolutely delicious—this was the fastest I've ever gone through a *plain* jar of salsa. 11/10 would recommend.

Tonya Hurt

I am a salsa junkie and happen to see this as a new item at my local Kroger and decided to try it because I had an Ibotta glad I did …. Our family normally buys salsa to go from our local Mexican restaurant…but this by far surpasses it … recommend it to everyone and anyone ..:I don’t do spicy to well because of Gastro issues but my family say’s medium and hot is just as good as the mild..their fajita seasoning is *****fire***** too

James Stovall
Tried it on a suggestion

I was in Galveston on vacation and was at a grocery store scoping out the salsa. Another customer in the store suggested Mateo's. I had never tried it and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did, it is the best salsa I have ever ate. Now I buy it locally every week. Thanks Mateo's for making a great product.